Here’s a fun telephonic exchange I had whilst working today:

Person: “Hi, are you open?”

Me: “….Yes.”

Person: “What is your wait time at the moment?”

Me: “Approximately twenty minutes”

Person: “Sooo…. if I were to come in in about an hour and a half, I’d only have to wait twenty minutes?”

Me: “Well, that’s hard to say. If you were to come in right now, the wait time is approximately twenty minutes. I am unable to tell you a wait time an hour and a half from now.”

Person: “……This is an urgent care, right?”

Me: “Yes”

Person: (slathered with a thick layer of Unpleasant and Demanding) “So how come you can’t give me a wait time?”

Me: “Urgent cares are walk-in clinics. I unfortunately have no way of knowing how many people will walk in between now and ninety minutes from now”

Person: (add a thicker layer) “I SAID an hour and a half, not ninety minutes”

Ms. FML: “yes, you’re right. My mistake.”

Person: “You must not understand. How about this: If I show up in an hour and a half, how many people will be in the waiting room?”

Really?: “I’m not sure”

Person: “Can you guess?”

omfgreally: “……….Five.”

Person: “So, how long will I have to wait?”

Me: “Seven minutes”

Person: “Oh……… okay. Great. I’ll see you then”.


This isn’t much of a post, but I’ve been having a dry spell and the urge to write something and have strangers read it has been enormous. Hopefully some kind of inspiration will slap me in the back of the head soon…


Buddy, I know the feeling

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