More telephunny

The setting is in the back office of a medical clinic.
Two humanz sit, one doctor, one assistant. They are reading stuff out of magazines in silence, as business was slow and there was nothing else to do, and not enough in common with one enother to engage in conversation. 
The thick silence is cut by the abrasive ring of a telephone. It was the doctor’s direct line. He looks at the phone, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
It rings twice… three times… four times…. five… (Doctor scratches head while assitant grows impatient with the annoying noise and Doctor’s apparent lack of knowing how to respong to a telephone)  six… seven…..
Doctor to assistant (me): “What should I do?”
Me: ……..
Doctor (clearly uncomfortable, like he may have just peed his pants a little): “Should I answer it?”
Me: …. “Yes.”
Doctor: (pointing to the reciever) “Do I just pick this up?”

This man could save your life. He wears scrubs to prove it.

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